Das Avatar

This discussion stems from the Manuscript Page linked here.

I want to share another exciting discovery.

Our Manuscript hs0375 found in Ahmedabad area and completed in Samvat 1823 (AD 1767) has a work described as MOTO Das Avatar of Pir Shams in 582 verses (Gujrati script)

We have two Das Avatar of Pir Shams

Previously we discovered one Dasmu Avatar of Pir Hasan Kabirdin (524 verses in Khojki script) in manuscript hs0022

There is also one more in the Harvard collection of Indic manuscripts.

All this material demands more study and I hope the next generation will be able to study all of them and compare with earlier comments by Dr Gulshan Khakee and by Missionnary Bandali Haji.

Here is an article that discuss the concept behind the Das Avatar work and quote this manuscripts




I can't wait to read it.


A further reading of the work shows that this work may have been a later adaptation by the Imamshahis of a shorter version of the Moto Das Avatar of Syed Imamshah or one of Syed Nar Muhammad Shah. I have found many verses similar or variance from Syed Imam Shah and it it puzzling that towards the end after 582 which says "sampuranr" there is one more verses # 583 which only adds that After Pir Shams his descendant were Pir Nassirudin... up to Nar Ali Muhammad Shah and the names of the Das Avatars. This verse is clearly added after the end of the work.