Pir Baqir Shah, the son of Seyed Imamshah

Ginan attributed to Syed Baqir Shah, re-attributed to Syed Imam Shah by Mukhi Lalji Devraj in his 100 Ginans Khojki books.

The book contains about 15 granths and 50 ginans, many with variance or not published in any later publication, first few pages and cover pages are missing, the book starts with Anant Akhado granth. See below the image of the ginan from that books which seems to have been printed around CE 1900

Wikipedia says this [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satpanth] "He (Syed Imamshah) wrote many ginans which are recited by the Ismailis. He had four sons, viz. Sayed Alam Shah, Sayed Ali Shah, Sayed Bakar Shah and Sayed Nur Muhammad Shah, and a daughter called Shams Khatoon."

I found the same ginan in Mukhi Lalji Devraj 's version under author Imamshah. Surprising because that version below has twice the name Baqar Shah. I first thought it may be an Imamshahi publication but to my knowledge they did not print in Khojki. We can see "Baqir Shah" replaced by "Nur Shah" in verse 2 of this accepted canonic version. Also in the last verse, "Bhane Pir Baqir Shah" appears in Lalji Devraj as "Bhane Syed Imamshah". The number of verses are 5 in both and there is no major difference between both publication beside the authorship.

Syed Baqir Shah tomb is in Pirana on the opposite side of the road where Syed Imamshah's tomb is situated. The people controlling the place are called "Athias" and have initially been converted (8 of them, hence the name "Athias") by Syed Badardin, the brother of Pir Sadardin. I went to visit a couple of years back. They have drifted quite far from the teachings in their ginans and many of them do puja of a colorful and large cow idol which is in the compound. They said they gave all their manuscripts to the "moti" Pirana Dargah and these manuscripts were subsequently all put in the river.

Here is a transcript of the ginan from the Lalji Devraj version: