Display of Manuscripts dated 1700’s to early 1900’s from Ismaili and offshoot branches

TitleDisplay of Manuscripts dated 1700’s to early 1900’s from Ismaili and offshoot branches
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsU.M.Edwards, Heritage Society
Conference Name2nd International Ismaili Studies Conference
Date Published03/2017
Conference LocationCarleton University, Ottawa, Canada
Keywordsexhibit, Ismaili, Manuscript
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The Heritage Society’s manuscript display is a tapestry of inks, colours, designs, styles, scripts, bindings and rare texts.

The Heritage Society has, since its first SOS Khojki Conference in 1990, expanded its collection of Ismaili manuscripts. Its 30 years of continuous effort has resulted in one of the largest accessible collection of Khojki Satpanthi Ismaili manuscripts.

The Satpanth denomination includes Satpanthi Guptis & Ismailis loyal to The Aga Khan, as well as ismailis who branched out such as Athias and ImamShahis.

Satpanthi manuscripts in Khojki and Gujrati scripts generally contain Dua (Prayers), Ceremonies, Ginans (Gnosis), History, Farmans, Astrology, Mathematics, Hadiths, Qisas, Records, accounts of the community and a variety of other subjects.

The manuscripts on display include the oldest text of Kalame Mowla, unpublished ginans, prayers of the Athias, the 73 prayers of the Imam Shahis, Dua of the Ismailis as recited by Pir Shabuddin Shah, Farmans of Aga Janghi Shah, illustrated ImamShahi manuscripts, correspondence in various languages from previous Imams with their original seals.

Exhibited at: The 2nd International Ismaili Studies Conference – Mapping a Pluralist Space in Ismaili Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa. March 10, 2017


Heritage Society Collection at library.ismaili.net
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