Divine Light of Ali - In all Imams

TitleDivine Light of Ali - In all Imams
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsMumtaz Ali Tajddi Ali
KeywordsHazrat Ali, Imam, Noor

“You should be rest assured that the Light (noor) of Murtza Ali is in me, present and apparent before you. We put on the (bodily) dress (jama) and put off in the world, but our One Light (noor) is descended since eternity, therefore, you must see One Light (in different bodies). There was One Light (noor) of Ali in Aga Ali Shah and my grandfather, even in their forefathers, and that very Light (noor) is descended in me. I am their heir apparent. The Light (noor) is present and apparent all the times, only the names are different. The Throne (gadi) of Mawla Murtza Ali is present and will remain till the Judgment Day. You jamat have no reason to deject in any way. I am present before you. There is no difference between me and them (only) the bodies have to change, therefore, the true believers must comprehend the foregoing point.” (Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah (Bombay, 8th September, 1885)