Battle of Kerbala

TitleBattle of Kerbala
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsMumtazAli Tajddin S.Ali
KeywordsImam Hussain, Kerbala, Ummayad

“A fierce battle was waged against Imam Hussain in the plain of Karbala. He fought alone with thousand of persons at that time. Despite suffering oppression and severe trouble, he declared, “I am the Imam.” During the moment of such calamities, he did not disappear, but with mere a stick (authority of the Imamate), he penetrated the ranks of the enemies ahead in the battle. He did not hide his Imamate at that time. If the dress (jomo) of the Imam is not present, then all will become infidels. The authority of Imam Hussain is with me at present and I myself am Imam Hussain. You know that I am going hither and thither today with one authority in hand, because I myself am an Imam. I don’t have any fear. The Imam is apparent, and in case the affliction befalls upon him, nevertheless, he does not disappear. It is not so necessary to go into depth (to unearth) the analogies of the evidence in this context.” Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah (Nagalpur, Kutchh, 28/11/1903)

Short TitleKerbala
Alternate TitleThe Martyr of Imam Hussain